Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Secret Addiction & Illicit Trysts

Saturday evening at work and I could barely put one foot in front of the other! The H.S.B.C. 10K was only hours away and an old persistent groin injury had flared up.

I had a couple of Christmas pints with Dave Mackey after I'd finished as he was going to be watching two overrated teams that usually play in red instead of walking the following day. I was not at all convinced that I'd be racing

By the time I arrived home at about 11:30pm, it was still sore but I decided to apply frozen peas to the aforementioned area (not very pleasant) and had another couple of drinks before retiring, the Manx David Beckham with Colden Balls.

Miraculously, Sunday morning, the pain was gone but the day was freezing and I was still feeling less than enthusiastic about the race.

Due to the handicap system, my start time was some 37 minutes after the watch was set off but this gave me the opportunity to watch some good technique by the juniors who were competing by this time.

Finally, I decided that it was about time that I warmed up but I left it right until the last minute before stripping off.

After all the moaning and whingeing about the weather, I found myself on the line, suddenly for the first time feeling up for the challenge. The conditions really were perfect for race walking and gibbing out of my planned 3 hour session the previous day ( I only did just over an hour) left me fresher than I normally would be for such an event.

Although I was nearly 40 seconds behind my personal best time, I was extremely happy to finish in 49:45 seconds, in 17th place way behind the winner, Tara Slinger.

There were a lot of good performances all round , especially from Andy Green who knocked another huge slice off his P.B.

There are many people who I suppose are currently trying to think up ways to meet their secret lover over the holiday period or store themselves a bottle in a hidden place.

I'm going on Holiday for three weeks and somehow I have to find a way to fit in the odd bit of pace training or sneak away to fulfil my new Blog addiction without the rest of the family noticing.

You've probably realised by now how sad I am, so I reckon you may hear from me again before the festivities but if not I hope you enjoy the Christmas and New Year and manage to shoehorn in the odd session yourselves.

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