Thursday, 17 January 2008

Failed Dancer & Personal Trainer

The Director de Animacion at the Hotel San Antonio was a total nutcase and therefore was totally suitable for our family. We had great fun joining in all the activities around the complex and Alex Williams from the Domincan Republic was the Hallelluja Man who made everyone feel included.

After I won the Hotel tennis competition(more due to the fact that there was a dearth of players than my shotmaking,) he challenged me to a match.
This time I prevailed due to the fact that Alex was somewhat out of condition and I seized upon the opportunity to add personal training to my portfolio, suggesting that we went for a run the following morning (of course I didn't tell him that I would be walking.) In the course of our session Alex told me that he was the winner of a few walking races while he was at school in the Caribbean and indeed he even kept up with me for a few paces at one stage.
My plan was that I would be able to motivate myself better if I had someone else to train with. Unfortunately, Alex likes to party even more than us and this turned out to be a one off.
Although I had the edge on him with the sports that we played, this was strictly not the case with the aerobics or dancing and his attempts to teach Irene and me (there were others most of whom were much better) how to do the Maschatta and the Merengue were predictably disastrous, though it certainly kept everyone around the pool area entertained.

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