Sunday, 27 January 2008

Today at the Races

There was a fantastic HSBC Winter Walking League round at the Ronaldsway Industrial Estate Course with some really good performances right down the field in all age groups.

Despite the blustery wind and the hill which we all use as the excuse when when we've walked too slowly (let's face it, it's hardly the Sloc or Hibernia,) there were lots of P.B.s but surely the most outstanding was U15 Lauren Whelan who clocked in under 58 minutes on her debut at the distance. Unfortunately, I am relying on my age and alcohol besieged memory as the results haven't hit the Manx Harriers Website as yet but I am sure that there were also great times from the winner, Ian Wakley and a first sub one hour from Maurice Bellando. He missed by 40 seconds or so but I'm positive that Dave Mackey will soon replicate that with better conditions and a faster track at the N.S.C. in two weeks time for the 10k Championships and last H.S.B.C race of the winter.

My apologies to the many others who had brilliant walks today but I'm sure they will merit a mention on the the Web and in this week's Independent.

Those of you who are regular readers of this Blog will know by now that foremost of my many addictions is tea and therefore I must thank Junior Coach and today's top caterer, Elizabeth Corran(How many of you know that she is a Master's 40 gold medalist and former World age group record holder for 20k?) for doing the honours.

Manx Sport would be non-existent without the many people who help to put these races on for our enjoyment, so also I would like to add my appreciation of the judges, Mo Cox & Dougie Corkill (note the creeping racewalker puts them in first,) timekeepers, Bernie Shimell and Judy Morrey, marshals, Helen Renecle and Marie Jackson and of course Bridget Kaneen and Steve Taylor. I really don't know what Brian Brough was doing with the stopwatch hanging round his neck but his presence and kind encouragement are always welcome. If he's surplus to requirements and not racing, he can shout out my times at the next walk if he wants.

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