Monday, 14 January 2008

Bitten Off More Than I Could Chew

Happy New Year to All

Brrr! I'm sat in my freezing office with rapidly diminishing memories of sunshine and warmth. I bet you are all really sorry for me.

My last post 'spoke' optimistically about the new beginnings of my winter warm weather training. Well I tried. However the sunshine and sangria (not to mention copious amounts of Tropical & Dorada beer) sabotaged the plan pretty comprehensively and the whole experience is now being rebranded as a much needed training break.

More of my holiday later but after a fairly heavy day at work on Friday, I eventually resumed training at 07:24 (not twenty five past seven. the extras minute is important) on Saturday. The first half hour or so began with a few loosening exercises as opposed to stretching. Apparently, you should not do static stretches prior to a session when your body is cold as it risks injury and weakens the muscles. As I have said previously, I'm no expert but am just repeating what I have been told by coaches, so if this doesn't work for you, please don't sue.

I followed that with walking drills that are intended to improve technique, posture, loosen the hips and stretch the hamstrings amongst other things. This includes walking with your hands behind your back, on your head and also clasped on your tummy. Over the last few years, I have also found that I have struggled with shoulder injuries, so there are also a couple that I use to try and loosen my shoulders before I start walking properly.

It is probably unwise to try any of this without instruction, so if you are able to make it to the Manx Harriers Clubhouse Tuesdays and Thursdays at about 1730 to 1745, walking training takes place usually under the guidance of Allan Callow who makes walkers of all experience and ablilties most welcome.

By eight o'clock Allan, Marie Jackson, Karen Renecle and Lauren Whelan had also turned up and we set off as a group, heading for the promenade via the Quay. Personally, I felt that I had to get some proper endurance work in after my recent sloth, so with detours up to GlenCutchery Road, Signpost Corner, then out to Groudle via King Edward Bay Golf, I headed out on my own. By the time I reached the promenade, I began to realise that my legs were disappearing from under me and time was getting short ( My son Terence trains with St. Georges U11 s at 10.30.)

Meeting Nigel Armstrong, Mike Garrett, Murray Lambden and Paul Curphey going in the opposite rekindled my enthusiasm as I knew they would be turning round and catching me soon and I hate being passed by runners (More of in later post.)

By the time they caught me, I was really struggling and it was getting seriously late, so I ran with them for a short time and then jogged back to the N.S.C. for my car.

So the mistake/moral of todays session was: Make sure you ease back in gradually and don't try and make up for missed training in one big go. Though I have to admit I was pleased to have been on my feet for 2 & 3/4 hours, even if it wasn't an even effort.

P.S. I apolologise to the Blogoholics for not writing for so long.

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