Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Do you promise not to laugh?

Firstly, well done to everyone who ran, supported or officiated the the Cross Country the other day and well done to all the winners who included my son Terence (u11.)

At some stage, I suppose there is a decision to be made about what I should or should not write in my blog. Two reasons spring to mind:

a, being that too much detail of my race plan and training might give my competitors an advantage.

b, being that if I inform all you blogophiles what I'm hoping for, my dreams and expectations and I fail, falling simultaneously onto my backside while getting an omelette mask, I'm going to look pretty stupid (possibly without the pretty.)

There may be a case for holding back slightly from telling you my tactics on the day, although even then I could be bluffing but I really don't think that there will be anyone who is in quite the same boat as me. Of the fancied contenders, the likes of Robbie Callister, Ray Pitts, Thomas Melvin, Eamon Harkin, Alan Cowin, Mark Hempsall (apologies if I've missed you off and you're going to win but at least there'll be a little less pressure,) none of whom are are race walkers, so nothing that I really do in training will really apply to them. Peter Kaneen, if he competes, is an entirely different level of athlete to me (his 10k is 4mins or so better than mine and he beat me by 2&1/2mins in the cross country the other day) and Sean Hands holds the Parish Record, so like for many of the above, copying me would probably be a backward step. That leaves Jock Waddington and if he wants to do the same as me, he's very welcome.

As for the second reason, if you don't laugh too loudly, I promise I'll give you all the gory details.

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