Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Week in the Life of a Parish Walk Hopeful

I thought that for this post, I'd detail my training for one week, though I don't really do typical. I find that it is hard to keep to a routine because of work and family commitments but last week was also affected because of the 10k race the previous Sunday.

As I had had to dash to work straight after the WWL presentation, I took Monday off work and as it was half term I decided to use it as a rest day. Nothing to do with the hamstrings, honest.

On Tuesday, I found myself with a spare hour before training (17:45 at Manx Harriers Clubhouse if anyone's interested) and therefore decided to do a recovery walk around Kewaigue, trying to average about 6mph. I bumped into Michael Shipsides who was walking his dogs on this occasion but is working hard on his Parish form. I'm sure most of you have seen him out and about with his very distinctive style. I did nearly four miles including a detour out to Battery Pier and then returned to join up with Allan Callow's group. This included Sue Biggart, Chris Cale, Andy & James Green and top juniors Karen Renecle and Lauren Whelan.

The cyclists have taken over the N.S.C. for the summer (ha ha it was bloody freezing,) so we went doing strideouts (involves accelerating from very slow to as fast as you can, whilst ensuring that you maintain good body form and technique) along the walkway by the swimming pool.

Wednesday, I ran out of time and didn't get out at all. Thursday, I was on a pace session which was supposed to be 7 x 1km at 4min45secs. This is interval training, where between each kilometre, you either rest or stroll until you recover your breath. As the weather was so cold, I strolled 200m, so my aged muscles wouldn't seize.

However, I was unable to go at the required speed on any of the reps except inexplicably on my 4th. I categorically deny that this was because I had a rather nice looking lady runner to chase.

Friday, I managed a steady hour around Douglas and the promenade before heading off (in the car by the way) to Ramsey where Irene and I were staying overnight for our wedding anniversary.

We had a good meal in Harbour Lights and then asked some locals at the next table where 'the action' was of an evening. They recommended Royal George which seemed quite appropriate and off we toddled.

Last year, we resided at the Glen Helen and following our meal, took a taxi into St. Johns. There was a 'bring along an instrument folk evening on' and we got talking to a violinist called Katie (whom I knew vaguely through athletics) and her parents.

We walked through the door of the Pub in Ramsey, exactly 12 months later and there was Katie playing in a 'Folk/Rock' band! We also just happened to sit down next to her parents. Life is much stranger than fiction.

Saturday involved a relaxed meander around North Shore Promenade, across the Swing bridge, around the Town and back through the park. It's probably not very relevant athletically speaking but I suppose it did help to loosen the muscles.

Sunday, I circulated Marine Drive on another glorious, though extremely cold morning, managing to average about 6.5 miles an hour for 10 miles, starting steadily but building up to work up a fair head of steam on my way home. But what a wally! Despite being surrounded in our house by pots of vaseline, I forgot to wear any under my arms and spent the rest of the day wandering around like a reject from 'Planet of the Apes.'

As a week, it wasn't really over hard and I probably didn't quite fit in as much distance as I would have preferred with two hours being my longest session.

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