Thursday, 13 March 2008

Chief Dan George? Nowhere! But Michael beats the Weather by a Short Head

Howling wind, driving rain. Yeuch! How are we supposed to go training in this?

Suffering from an extreme motivational breakdown, brought about partially by copping a soaking this afternoon trying to compress the Welbeck rubbish into the wheelie bins, I struggled to even contemplate going out this afternoon.

During such moments, it's often a good idea to try and muster some company. And that's probably the worst thing I could have done! My phonecall found my team mate ensconced in the Pub, claiming injury but very obviously enjoying the Cheltenham Festival and probably a pint or two.

Thoughts of going down to join him were high on the agenda but as I'm going away Easter Monday, for a week's holiday, I really can't afford to miss any training at the moment.

Miraculously, my dark ruminations seemed to have the opposite effect on the weather and from the most miserable of days, suddenly there was sunshine! My legs were still heavy from Sunday but having had three days strolling to recovery, finally I regained a little speed.

Talking of Cheltenham, I toyed with the idea of putting a couple of quid on 'Chief Dan George' this morning but having checked the results, I'm glad I kept my money in my pocket.

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