Monday, 17 March 2008

Race Walking: The Best Cure for Constipation

I was pretty stiff after last week's 20 miles, so my pathetic attempts to play football on Monday were even more laughable than usual. It took nearly 50 minutes before I could run at all and felt every one of my 42 years and more.

During junior training, I helped out with the little dude beginners and they were just about the right pace for me.

Tuesday, I skived work to begin my wife's training for the Sarah Killey Seven Stations Challenge. I know she's left it a little late but she was a finisher with no training at all last year which was very impressive.

For these jaunts I usually get to pick the route and then pass it for approval to Mrs. George. I measured it on the map to be about 10k, so therefore the fact that we started late (about 1 o'clock) and after lunch at Nyarbyl didn't really matter and at least the rain had cleared.

We walked south to Glen Maye and then off road across to Rushen Mines. It is particularly beautiful and the fact that Spring hasn't really kicked off yet means that you are able to see everywhere that the trees would normally hide.

My son, Terence had an appointment at the dentist, so we had to be back to pick him up from school at 3:30pm which was no problem bearing in mind that we only had to walk 10k or so. Except somebody's calculations appear to have been a little inaccurate and we were only hitting the main road at about 2:40 and the wind was in our faces and strengthening. Bearing in mind, I was still as stiff as a crutch, I took the decision to run and to abandon Irene on the storm blown mountain top which didn't go down too well at the time.

Well, I've walked quicker and it was very frustrating to be able to see the car park at the cafe and have to go all the way around to Dalby but I finally managed to get there at 3 o'clock, picked up the Irene and despite all the panic, arrived at the dentist with two minutes to spare. I stopped my Garmin at nine miles but I haven't quite worked out what went wrong with my map reading yet. Maybe I measured the Bayr ny Skeddyn instead?

Wednesday, I started a steady walk at the N.S.C. but was lacking a little in motivation. Miriam Kelly asked if I wanted to join their running group and I ended up enjoying the walk around Kewaigue.

Thursday, following the recommendation of Allan Callow, I did a pace session but without goals. It sounded really easy 1&1/2 minutes fast, 1 minute stroll, 2 minutes fast, one minute stroll, 2&1/2 fast, stroll and back down again for 40 minutes. It nearly killed me! I was wrecked.

Rest day Friday.

Saturday, I was up at 06:30am, went to the toilet, had banana sandwich, washed up after previous night's excesses and out by 07:00. A perfect start to the day (I often struggle to make my target start times on Saturday mornings,) except that by the time I reached Tromode it became obvious that I hadn't quite stayed long enough in the loo. Plan B was put into place and I decided to head for the hospital. Oh dear! Half way up Ballafletcher road I had to dive over the hedge. It wasn't a high hedge. Luckily a double decker bus didn't come past and my modesty was preserved but it was a bit of a close run thing. Once again, I messed up with my distance and timing and I ended up having to run from Union Mills to N.S.C. to join up with Marie Jackson.

Either Marie is on top form or I still hadn't quite recovered from Saturday but I really struggled to keep up. It's also probably a little daft of me not to be practising with gels, drinks and other foods. In 2 hours and 37 minutes, I covered 14 miles which isn't brilliant when you consider I did 20 in only 20 minutes longer the previous week.

And Sunday was another day of rest.

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