Friday, 21 March 2008

Look Out Cavan, Here I Come

This could be my last blog for a while. I am going on holiday for six days and therefore probably won't be able to train either (any bloggy burglars out there, we are leaving our son, Matthew behind and he's 6'2" and much wider than me.)

Panic is setting in. I know that logically six days off doesn't really affect anything in the grand scheme of things but I think that one of the by-products of Murray launching the website so early is that the anticipation seems so much greater. I've always been a 'What Pressure/stress?' kind of person but this time I feel very wound up about this year's event and I find myself worrying about the odd missed session or the fact that I'm not going long/fast enough when reason would suggest that I'm fitter and faster than I've ever been.

Certainly, a good 50k in England at the end of next month is a 'must' for my confidence. The fact that I 'blew up' in Holland so badly (my last 10k was about 74 minutes) has eroded some of my belief and it is essential that I put in a good performance at Stockton.

The other thing about this holiday is that I'm missing two races which is a minor catastrophe in itself, as the only event in April is the Sarah Killey Seven Stations Challenge on 6th which I can't complete because it is too close the 50k.

Apparently, The Fire Service are still taking entries for the aforementioned event until the week before, so get your entry in for what will be a really good warm up for the Parish. The fees go to the Fireman's Benevolent Fund, so you will be helping a good cause too. They say that you should allow one day recovery for each mile raced, so that should gives you plenty of time but also illustrates why I won't be going any further than Peel as my next race is only 21 days after.

Oh well, I'm off to pack my tin whistle and shillelagh (apologies to the Irish for the spelling.) I'm going to get it all in perspective during my break and return relaxed and ready for the fray (I hope)

P.S. I wonder if they've any races on in Ireland next week?

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