Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hamstrung by Paranoia

Well, the euphoria's died down but unfortunately, some of the pain hasn't. I played football for 70 minutes and then did 5 x 300m on Monday hoping that that it would ease my hamstrings.

They were still pretty sore on Tuesday when I went to see Sports Therapist, Masseur, ex-blogger, long distance walk rival and team mate for PW 2008 (IF HE EVER GETS HIS BLOODY ENTRY IN), Mark Hempsall.

He diagnosed pretty quickly that I had damaged part of my hamstring that joins the tendon above my left knee. When I went in there I couldn't feel the difference between my legs but today it is evident that the left is worse that the right, so hats off to the professional.

To make matters worse, he has grounded me for at least a couple of days to prevent it becoming a proper injury and although this probably will have no effect in the grand scheme of things, it's very frustrating.

Then today, I received an e-mail from Richie Sille, the fellrunner reporting amongst other things that he's seeing Robbie Callister about training all the time. Add this to Sean Hands seeming so enthusiastic about things on Saturday and Peter Kaneen weighing up whether to enter or not and my little muscle tear has grown and is now approaching full blown paranoia.

There may be people who would wonder why I would let Mark treat me as he is going to be competing against me but even though I do trust him, now I've told all you lot, he wouldn't dare risk his reputation!

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