Thursday, 17 April 2008

Broken Dream? Broken Leg More Like

Because of his improvement over the last couple of years, one of the big surprises to me was that Paul Renshaw only managed a 4 hour marathon in London on Sunday.

I was worried that perhaps it was his unique tapering method that had done for him i.e. a 42.5 mile walk only seven days before the event.

He was at the presentation for the walk last night, sporting a brilliant multicoloured hair creation and I asked him if his run had not gone according to plan or was that always his intention to run at that pace.

Apparently, he was on course for three hours but the pain became too great and he had to slow down. Eventually, he limped over the line and had to visit the ambulance where he was told that he had a fracture. What's more it wasn't an injury that had only just occurred, meaning that he had done the full marathon with a broken bone!

They're tough these Ramsey lads, you know.

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