Thursday, 17 April 2008

Gambling - It's a Mug's Game

How can you hedge your bets on a two horse race and end up losing twice? Read on.

Last night was the presentation for the Sarah Killey Memorial Walk and I'd love to give you a detailed report but unfortunately, the demand outstripped the size of the room at the The Cat with No Tail and I was unable to see or hear any of the details, having produced my usual party trick of arriving late (People who know me well. Don't worry. I didn't back it up with my encore of falling asleep.)

However, they did briefly adjourn outside and I was able to get the couple of snaps featured on this post.

While my reputation was on the feet of Mark (see earlier preview of race,) my money or to be more accurate my bottle of Wolfblass red wine was on Jock as I had accepted a wager with the aforementioned 'Conan the Destroyer,' of Manx walking, otherwise known as Mr. Hempsall.

I could nearly taste my first glass as I saw Mark disappear into the distance like a bat out of hell at the start and indeed I'd almost drained the bottle when despite his best efforts he'd failed to break away on the last of the hills. Metaphorically, I sat back on my sofa, lit my cigar and waited for Jock to switch into 'race walking mode' and leave 'Conan,' in his wake to plan his raid on the off-licence. And... he didn't. They were both step to step right up to the finish and to be frank, they both deserved a bottle of wine for their thrilling encounter. See below.

(Picture by Terence George)

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