Thursday, 24 April 2008

Just Do It!

Well, I am not starting to become nervous about my forthcoming 50k race on Sunday. I've been nervous for at least three weeks already.

In fact, I'm utterly terrified. In case you didn't already know or have forgotten, in my last two long distance races, the Parish Walk and the Dutch National 50k, my challenge ended when I hit the infamous 'Wall' and finished as the PW Sky Programme demonstrates, talking like a boxer who'd become too well acquainted with Floyd Mayweather's gloves.

This time, I'm fitter and I've spent the winter working on my technique to try and ensure I waste as little energy as possible. My race results have been excellent, the training has gone well. Mr. Hempsall seems to have fixed my injuries and all that's left of the cold is a loose cough and yet.......? When you've tried your hardest and been found wanting, it's still a leap into the unknown.

I'm off the booze and I've stopped eating fat and protein. The race is planned and I have a fair idea what I'll consume on the day. It seems like months since I last broke some serious sweat and there's nothing more I can really do but go and race.

So stop being a moaning Michael, relax enjoy the event and only worry about things you can influence.

By the way, May 3rd may be National Idiot Day but Wed 23rd April was Arsey Blogger Day. Actually, it's now run into two days because if you think one comment yesterday and two over the previous five months is enough, you can get stufffed (whoops it's aberrant 'f' ing day as well!)

P.S. I don't understand hosthe times and dates work on these blog things either

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