Thursday, 10 April 2008

Keepy Uppy Bloggy

According to Monday or Tuesday's Daily Mail, there is apparently a new condition afflicting a portion of the population:

Pressure to update your blog!

Certainly, I think I'm a victim of this latest mental, medical fad but there just aren't enough hours in the day. What you really need is the likes of Dave Mackey, who chimed in with a witty aside about why I hadn't blogged lately. Well listen, Pal this is number 39, compared with your measly 22 last year, so stuff you! I wonder is one of the symptoms unreasonable mood swings and aggression to innocent comments?

So on one front, I'm losing grip with reality due to the travails of being ready to compete in this year's race and on the other I have the pressure cooker of writing about it.

Oh well, most people you meet, say you'd have to be mad to walk 85 miles and therefore, on that score, I think I'm just about ready for the task.

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