Sunday, 20 April 2008

George Family get Up, Down and Dirty

Short on time tonight and may not complete this post in one go but went for a fantastic walk today which I can thoroughly recommend for anyone who does running or walking but gets bored on the N.S.C. OR roads.

Park up in Glen Maye village. Head off down the Glen Rushen road and then fork right when you get to the 'Bayr ny Skeddyn.' Fork right again and go up towards Creg ny Crook, through the plantation and then cross the Parish Course bearing a little right and aim for Eary Cushlin. Although you are heading away from Nyarbyl press on towards Lag ny Keilley until you get very close to the Sea and then turn right following the 'Raad ny Foillan' until you reach the Cafe.

That took Terence 10y/o, Irene and me 2:12 minutes and then after a feed, Irene went to get the car in about 40 mins while we went rock climbing.

The maximum height was 250m, distance to Cafe 10k. Scenery stupendous and a great chance to work the c.v. and the muscles if not to develop technique. Do it when you can!

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