Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Abducted by Aliens

Greetings Blogophiles!

I couldn't keep this from you a moment longer:

The key has returned! Apparently it spent the last 10 days on top of a beer barrel with another keg on top of it. Vaguely, I seem to remember breaking the plastic covering on a case of cider with it. I was so close to giving up and calling the vehicle recovery firm, only the reluctance (some would call it stubborness) to break into my hard earned cash prevented me from doing so.

A lesson has been learned though and I will have to take it to the dealers to have another couple of spares programmed whatever the cost.

On the walking front, I only trained(a euphemism for going to pick up the car after a boozy night) for 25 minutes on Sunday. On Monday, I attempted to play football extremely badly even by my standard and followed that up by doing 6 x 500m with Lauren Whelan.

As I hadn't had a day off this week, today after working breakfast, Irene and I did the Baldwin Valley loop, though it was a bit of a struggle for her as she is struggling to recover from a hip injury.

Don't forget to turn up on Thursday night for the 5k TT Access Road Race, signing on at the Manx Harriers Clubhouse from 18:30.

I wonder was that key really there all that time or are there darker forces at play?

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