Sunday, 18 May 2008

Greetings To Elizabeth and Matthew in WebSurfers Paradise

You know, apart from other obvious reasons, such as guilt and betrayal etc., I would never have an affair for the simple reason that by some quirk of fate, I'd immediately be caught.

There am I thinking that I'm totally safe in my own personal 'Garden Shed,' otherwise known as 'Michael's Parish Blog,' when all of a sudden, Mrs. George announces over lunch, 'I read about the Marathon in your blog the other day,' I actually blushed like someone found with their trousers round their ankles!

It turns out that Elizabeth and Matthew, our eldest kids who've gone all antipodean on us were looking for my 'Blog,' for a taste of home. Irene couldn't remember off the top of her head exactly where it was in Murray's web of intrigue and actually ended up reading my latest posting after searching for the whereabouts of my ramblings. It's only the second one she's looked at since I started way back in December and there am I boasting about me being safely in a wife-free zone!

However, I reckon lightning couldn't possibly strike twice, so if you are logging on and indulging in Websurfers Paradise, how about looking to see if there are any races on Down Under over Christmas when we come to see you? And don't tell, Mum!

It's quite incredible that anyone will be able to follow the race from all the way down there in Australia and I'm going to put Matt's text no. down as one of my two mobiles to make sure they know what's going whether they're too busy enjoying themselves or not.

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