Wednesday, 7 May 2008

You Need Hands

I had a great chance to 'take out' one of the opposition's back up team last night. Sean's Mum & Dad were in the Welbeck restaurant to belatedly celebrate his Uncle & Auntie's 50th Wedding Anniversary, along with another uncle & auntie that I hadn't met before.

The Chef was under instruction to administer the strichnine when I had to make a last minute dash to save them. Just like Jenny of 'The Apprentice' fame, I had no qualms about using such underhand tactics but when Mrs. Hands suddenly revealed that she is an avid reader of my 'Blog,' I just had to rescue them!

Seriously, they are a lovely family and they have always given me great encouragement even when I have been in competition with Sean and I would like to add my congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Hands for passing such a milestone. Apparently, they were in an exotic part of the world for the actual date.

Sean's Mum berated me for not updating this more often as she is always checking it but unless you went on-line last night, Mrs. Hands, this is now three posts you have to catch up on!

For those younger readers, the title is an old Max Bygraves song that I think if I am not mistaken was 'covered' in the seventies by the Sex Pistols or someone.

I was nearly right it's actually Malcolm MacLaren singing on 'The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle.' Thought I'd better get that in before the pedants attack.

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Threasa Hands said...

Nice one Michael, I liked it.
Never miss a blog!
Threasa Hands