Monday, 26 May 2008

Training at the Bowl. Or was it the Bowel?

Well Bloggophiles! If you haven't done the training by now, it's really too late to start going out walking 20 miles.

We are now into 'The Taper,' where you start knocking down the miles and it is also a good idea to spend 2 to 3 hour sessions, at your intended Parish pace, perhaps practising taking food and drinks on board.

Shorter walks at a faster pace will also do you no harm.

If you've just noticed the date on the calender and think you've totally blown it by not doing any preparation at all, don't panic, you still have time to work on conditioning which could involve runs and/or walking quickly but nothing for too long or you will be knackered come the big day. It's certainly not the recommended way to go and possibly a little dangerous if you intend to go the full distance but some have managed pretty amazing feats with little prior work.

Training over TT week can be difficult but I'm sure there are plenty of places where the bikes rarely get to and there's always the 'Bowl,' not forgetting that next week (Wednesday I think) there is a rare opportunity to compete in a 10k track race.

I'm always conscious that this is a blog that could be read by all the family and also by those of less than strong constitution who've just eaten but feel I would be failing you loyal bloggies, especially race newcomers if I didn't mention it. Get into the habit of visiting the toilet first thing in the morning and filling it. Too much information, I know but holding your cheeks together while trying to ascend the 'Sloc' is not where your concentration should be aimed at. Keep your focus on the bum in front!


Anonymous said...

I must admit i am envious of those who can perform to order, not something i have ever mastered.

Anonymous said...

Just try going at the same time every day and the body should get used to it, providing of course your diet is good.

I am told that the body likes routine (which makes my poor soul tortured) but would be interested in any input from anyone who actually knows what they're talking abut (ha is that a Freudian slip perhaps, should be about) on this subject.

I have also found it very difficult to race or train with excess load and have had to jump over hedges on odd occasion.