Friday, 9 May 2008

Michael George - 'Aiming for the Top' (Errr, Andreas that is!)

The Blogathon is off!

Unless Murray is coming out of retirement or 'New Mum' makes an unannounced appearance, it looks like you're stuck with me. Richard, the 'First and Earliest Ever Entrant' used the pathetic excuse of an important international conference in Barcelona. The things people will do to get out of walking round Andreas!

That means that your participation is even more important! It would be a great shame if our intrepid team of organisers, judges, coaches, marshals and timekeeper all navigate their way over mountains, through rivers, braving wild animals (well some might have to drive past The Curraghs Wildlife Park) and fierce temperatures (warm and sunny forecast) to find that only 5 people turn up to race like last year.

If 20k isn't long enough for you, you could always walk home afterwards.

I must make a correction because on a previous post, I suggested the signing-on would start at 09:15 but it is in fact not until 09:30.

Personally, I'm not sure how I will perform. I seem to have recovered from the 50k to some extent but I still haven't tried a hard session since then and I do feel very lethargic. If Peter Kaneen is walking, then he must start favourite, though he hasn't been in his usual top form in recent weeks due to a virus of some kind. The door may be ajar for some kind of a surprise but I will need to be at my best to break through it as I have never even got within a minute on previous occasions. That having been said, despite the likely absence of Chris Cale and Jock Waddington, it is possible that someone such as Andy Green could come through and shock both of us.

So come on you Parish Walkers and anyone else out there, come up to Andreas on and make my Sunday!

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