Monday, 16 June 2008


Nooooo! Stoooop iit! Stooop! Noooow!!!! It's too Laaate!!!

There's people everywhere walking at full tilt! Stop it now! It's too late!

I hope that got your attention!

If you're still training now the only thing you're going to improve is your chances of being injured and being knackered on the day!

The idea this week if you can't contemplate the thought of no exercise after all these months of hard work is to warm up as if you were about to do a major training session and then stop. This will keep your body loose and perhaps lessen the possibility of your brain melting down but any hard work this week will be counter productive.

If you haven't already made your lists up and done the shopping, write down everything that you could conceivably need. Don't forget clothes for the end, vaseline, spare everything including socks and shoes, a luminous vest to pin your number on to so that you can change quickly in varying weather conditions, loads of food, bananas, water, sports drinks, a head torch, new feet and a second brain that you can't unprogram that says, 'Never do this again!'

I hope to write more tomorrow.

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