Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Jock Waddington is Brilliant

I only have a few minutes, so I will probably write a more detailed account of my race a little later.

Sean Hands and Robbie Callister have already shown what great sportsmen they are in victory and defeat and I really admire the two of them but I really am thrilled that Jock won the Parish Walk (although obviously I would have preferred it to be me.)

Jock and I started the winter leagues at around the same time and he is always a true gentleman. I've been telling anyone who'd listen and many more who wouldn't that I felt he had a real chance this year.

As detailed in Murray's earlier feature on him, Jock also puts plenty back into athletics, can often be seen marshalling at events in which he isn't taking part and is a member of the IOMVAC Vets committee.

He and his wife Terri are always helpful to other competitors and I'll never forget the soup they gave me in the 100 mile race.

In short, it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Actually that's not true. A nicer bloke couldn't have made it happen. Oh well. That sounds like a load of bolocks but you know what I mean: He deserves it for all the hard work he put in.

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