Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Don't Forget 10k Track Walk & Run at the N.S.C. Tomorrow

Referring to young Matthew's comments on my last posting, how about we now call ourselves the '3FM (the F accounts for Mackey's swearing, then there's Matt, Mike & Mac) Onchan Combi Rejects?' I reckon a sponsorship deal from the radio station could contribute towards Dave's next BMW and then all I need to do now is to contact Elizabeth Corran to tell her to white out 1600 Eminem & Eminem's and replace them with our new tongue tripping handle before the programmes are sent out.

If I could stop enjoying myself long enough, despondency would be setting in, as the only training I have done is the aforementioned ill-fated hill session. While my spy network informs me that Sean & Jock are still hard at it, the only thing I seem to be getting harder at is the the TT festival. My team captain, Dave Mackey has long since foresworn the alcohol whereas I actually seem to be imbibing more and with a trip on the Karina to see the fireworks planned for tomorrow, followed by dinner on Thursday with some of our biker guests, the forecast for the next few days is 'Wet to Very Wet' (and that's not the weather.)

Perhaps I'm just not cut out for the dedication required to win this Parish thing. Do you think they could move it forwards a few weeks next year just for me?

On a more positive note, I do intend to race tomorrow night, before I set sail on board that mighty vessel and I think all you bloggophiles should blow away the TT cobwebs with a good blast at 10k around the track. Signing on at N.S.C. from 6pm with the start at 6.30pm tomorrow. If you think you would gain more from a run (Robbie C competed last year) signing on is at 7:15pm with the gun firing at approximately 7:45.

Regarding the picture on the front of Manx Athletics, it is a coincidence that we (The Welbeck) have given John Crellin a little assistance for many years and that he was just about to be overtaken by Chris McGahan, now domiciled in Peel, to whom we also chip in with a little bit of sponsorship.

I was party to the conversation with former sprinter, Nicola Dixon and apparently, she has a Newspaper cutting buried somewhere with the headline: 'Fastest Girl on the Island.' She remains pretty nippy when it comes to the race to the bar for the Guinness.

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