Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Post no. 74... Where Michael Blogs Instead of Engaging with Henry

I don't know if someone was winding me up but I just received a text purportedly off 'Parish Walk Information,' off a 166--- number basically telling me not to train and rest my weary legs. My guess that its someone from Manx Telecom or high up in the organisation pulling my leg after my earlier rant but 'ITS TROOOE!'

Well each to their own anyway. If Sean, Robbie and Jock fancy doing a couple of 20 milers between now and Saturday, who am I to stop them?

I just heard some more bad news and it seems that Ian Wakely who did so well on the Sarah Killey Memorial race has also had to withdraw due to knee trouble.

The excitement is really starting to grip me now and this afternoon when I was supposed to be rapt by an important meeting of accommodation providers, I could think of little else but the race. Perhaps my mind is actually being more practical and just doing anything to avoid work because I had decided to come home, introduce our 'Henry*' to the carpet before preparing tea and all I have done is read Rich Wild's blog, checked my own for comments before reading Murray's 'Stats' and having a look at mine. I'm afraid that my technical wizardry has come to the fore again though and I'm not really sure what the difference is between, 'Pageloads,' 'Unique Visitors' and 'Returning Visitors.' It sounds simple enough but they don't really seem to add up. Me being more than a bit thick as usual I think.

Luckily, our Terence is away with school at the 'Venture Centre,' this week, so I'm filling my time whiling away the minutes before the 'Big Off' doing a few things i don't usually do. Last night, we took advantage of the weather and went looking for sharks but failed and four extremely playful seals at Peel had to do. Tonight, I'm off to Jools Holland but will have to keep my dancing in check (see above re not over exercising,) then tomorrow, it's 'Blood Brothers.'

Therefore, I shouldn't start climbing the walls before Thursday.

* For those of you of a less than domestic ilk, Henry's the vacuum cleaner.

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Anonymous said...

i stopped about 4 months ago so i will be well rested