Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Scaring the Spectators

Last Wednesday's race was also a bit of a walking striptease for me:

Immediately prior to the start, I decided that the spetacles had to go. As usual, my relationship with my 'Garmin' sports watch was fraught, hampered this time not by my inability to work it properly but because I didn't start it and in a fit of pique, threw £160 worth of gadgetry at the assembled officials.

By the time the next lap came round, my hat which was atop my scone mainly to keep the glasses dry that I wasn't wearing was the next item to be jettisoned and as by now, I didn't it would seeem have much more to take off, the few spectators were becoming visibly peturbed.

They needn't have worried. The 'Breath-rite' nasal strip that Peter Kaneen had kindly supplied me with succumbed to the damp in the air and came off one side of my nose. I'm not sure they look too 'cool' at the best of times but standing like an antenna, it definitely had to go.

The next lap there was a 'frisson' in the air as the onlookers quaked in their boots but despite threatening to remove my shorts, I had nothing left to give. Pretty much describes my walk as well.

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