Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Great Balls a Fire

I remounted the horse last Wednesday in the 10k track walk which was quite poorly supported. Despite the low number of walkers, it was good to see Neil Brogan and Matthew Betteridge make their debuts on the track and excellent to witness two PBs from Vinny Lynch (57:29) and even more notably, Lauren Whelan who posted a superb 56:17.

It's really tough, 25 laps of the track and at this time of year, I struggle a little with 'exercise induced asthma' despite the use of an inhaler. Unfortunately, I was unable to exert any pressure on the winner, Peter Kaneen, though I have to say I was pleased to roll in less than a minute behind him, in a time under 50 minutes, despite not really training for the event.

In the run there were some excellent performances, too, notably from the winner, Martin Malone, Andy Fox and webmeister, Murray Lambden who announced his return to form despite not being tactically at his best (see his own Blog.)

It was also good to note, Mike Garrett finishing in one piece and member of my back-up team, Mark Clague put a decent display in his first attempt on the track, although I am sure there is more to come from him.

Surprise of the night? Has to be Bethany Clague missing the walk before competing in the run. Is she going soft?

It was also pleasing not to have suffered any reaction from my groin injury, though it did present me with another 'Do' 'Don't' for you. If your fitness adviser (Mark Hempsall in this case) recommends the use of ,'Deep Heat,' before a race, be careful where and how you rub it in. Due to the location of my problem, it certainly gave me a very interesting few minutes, hence the title of this post.


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Very good! I asked for that. I think I need to learn a little more of this text speak.

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