Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bring on the Parish Walk Boogie Woogie

The latest news in this constant tale of woe is that Jock Waddington hasn't been too well. Apparently, he was supposed to go to Jools Holland last night but was laid up instead. Hopefully, his indisposition(that spelling doesn't look right but time is precious) is temporary and he'll be fully recovered for Saturday. In fact he probably should have gone to the concert because it was lively enough to wake the dead!

At this rate no one will tell me anything in case it finds its way into my 'Blog,' yet I am like a news hungry beast at the moment and probably ready to fall for any old spoof.

Did anyone else get the text about tapering? No one has owned up to that one as yet.

The latest weather forecast is better than the first which is certainly good for all the officials but temperature is more important for us walkers and a maximum of 16c should just about do the job.

I suppose that should lead on to the tip for the day which I think is to make sure you have head covering if the sun is out, not to mention U.V. protection cream. If it gets to the stage when you are needing to apply the sponges, the best place is to the back of the neck where the cool water will be most effective. Vaseline is also essential for all parts that may chafe, especiallyu in hot or wet conditions and I'm sure I don't need to spell that out everyone, as some of them are more gender specific than others. Some recommend the petroleum jelly for the feet as well, although I have left mine without in recent years as I find my foot blisters from moving within the sock.

Oh well, I'll try and give you my insights on how I think the race will pan out tomorrow but for now I'll have to leave you.


One of the Marseille 2 said...

Hi Michael,

Although I have seen you wound up quite easily with a text message before (think back to December), I think this one is just a standard message sent to everyone that signed up for the mobile updates. Myself and girlfriend have both had them (along with another one today about footware).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up Matthew. At least I hope it's Matthew or Kerry Mackey might be chasing Dave chasing Mark with the axe.

For those of you not in the know, Dave Mackey & Matt Haddock caught me with an absolute beauty when they went away to see 'The Red Nosed Gits' play Marseille in the Champions League.

I'd love to share the full story with you but I'm afraid it could prove a little libellous.