Friday, 27 June 2008

Well Done, The Amazing Bethany Clague

Bethany Clague's remarkable two lap feat did contain the odd moment of humour and I'd like to share with you one gem which I heard from Elizabeth Corran:

As most of you will probably be aware by now, towards the end of the second circuit, she was becoming really tired and even hallucinating. She was well supported over the final few miles by her family and close friends but really pretty much 'out of it.'

However, travelling along the promenade, she passed the bottom of Mona Drive (where the Welbeck Hotel is situated) and suddenly chimed, 'That Michael George is going to owe me alot of money,' before continuing for her final few metres.

I wasn't sure that she could definitely achieve her goal especially with the weather as vicious as it was but I am truly amazed at her tenacity.

Regarding the recent post on the 'Forum' by one of her back-up team, though I think the organising committee were very helpful towards Bethany on what was, let's face it quite a perilous attempt for which they no doubt would have received criticism had it not gone according to plan with Bethany arriving back in one piece.

She received no end of publicity through them to help with her charity, The Hyperbaric Chamber, yet they would have been within their right to wash their hands of what could have been a dangerous distraction to their main event.

I think by popular demand and with great sense, she was also given a platform to speak on the night of the presentation and I thought that she did receive something from Manx Telecom.

To summarise, let's all applaud Bethany's fantastic endurance and athleticism in what was a magnificent performance that most us could only marvel at and wouldn't dare attempt. That having been said, I think that anyone else should be actively discouraged from trying to follow in her footsteps especially during the race. The next person may want to do four laps or do it with a leg tied to their friend's and it may become a bit of a circus with the additional worry that the they might not be so brilliantly prepared both mentally and physically as Bethany.

I really hope that Bethany earns thousands of pounds for The Hyperbaric Chamber as she deserves to and I it think it may be their place rather than Manx Harriers (who are another non profit making organisation) to recognise the achievement with an award.


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